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remote won't unlock doors

Ryan william Nov 11, 2013 03:11PM PST

Hi today after school I was walking out to my truck (2004 ford f150) and I went to unlock my truck, however my battery in my remote was dead. So I just walked up to the door, unlocked it with the ignition key and the alarm started going off. I tried putting the key in the ignition and starting it thinking it would shut off the alarm. It didn't. The truck prepared to start and everything, all the lights came on and did all that with the alarm going off. But it didn't start. It didn't even turn over, so I unlocked the doors from the inside, they unlocked. I got out and shut the door. One of my friends had a AAA battery that I replaced in my remote (by now the alarm has shut off) with the dead one. I tried unlocking/locking the truck but it did nothing. No signal fron the remote or the truck like usual. So I opened the door and the alarm went off again. Me and my friends messed with it trying different things for about 30 minutes after school before I got frustrated and located the Viper control box up under the driver side dash. I found 2 fuses and pulled them out. I put the fuses back in several times but the alarm still goes off. And when the alarm goes off it shows on my remote that it is going off so it couldnt be an issue with the remote. Now I have to lock/and unlock my truck using a key since I don't have the original fob. And the previous owner was the one that installed the system so I don't have any idea where he had it installed. If I could get some help that would be great. Thanks

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Rob Potts Nov 12, 2013 07:35AM PST Directed Agent
You can override the alarm system without a remote by doing the following:

1) open the driver door (alarm will sound)
2) insert your key into the ignition cylinder and turn it to the "run" or "on" position
3) immediately press your valet switch one time (do not hold)

The alarm should stop sounding after approximately 2 seconds.

At that time you can attempt to re-program the remote. To program the remote to your system please do the following:

1) open the driver door
2) turn the key to the "on" or "run" position
3) locate the valet switch (small black button under driver side of dash) and press once, release, then press again and hold
4) after the siren chirps one time press the lock button on the remote
5) the alarm will give you a unique confirmation tone
6) turn the key off (the same unique tone will be heard again)
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bro half truth Mar 04, 2014 02:13PM PST
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bro half truth

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